Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 2

Yesterday I wanted FOOD SO BADLY!! I gave in and ate 6 pieces of spinach. That was it. Last night, I finished everything up and woke up in the middle of the night to pee (for the 100th time). I did everything the same this morning, but this time didn't have a BM til noon. Hopefully today will be better, though we're having a huge party for my grandma... big juice steaks, potatoes and salad. I'm jealous.

I realized that I haven't really mentioned what I'm consuming so:
At night, a laxative tea (or dieter's tea)
In the morning, 32oz of warm water with 2tea of salt (I think I'm drinking a huge margarita with tons of salt on the rim. Jen told me to drink it as if I was pounding a keg stand... and if I stand in front of the mirror, it's like peer pressure)
During the day I drink 6-8 lemonades:
10oz of water
2 tbl of fresh squeezed lemon juice (half a lemon)
2 tbl of GRADE B Maple syrup (it's like $16 at HEB)- there are more minerals in Grade B then Grade A
A pinch of Cheyenne Pepper
I put ice in it cause I like it cold.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

After the couple of blogs I read from other people, I realized that people are scared to talk about the truth. I know that I have a couple of people that REALLY want to know what this is about, so if you are weak in the stomach and don't want to hear about it then, A) you probably shouldn't do this thing, or B) you probably shouldn't read anymore.
I should explain my main purpose for doing this. It has NOTHING to do with wait loss. In fact, I've been wanting to do a cleanse since I was like 18. With the whole swine flu crap, my school turned off their water fountains (don't ask) and hence I wasn't drinking my normal 90oz of water a day. Since then, I'm all off kilted. My whole face has broken out including my back and shoulders. I look horrible. My cousin did the cleanse but only for like 3days. She said since it removes all the toxins in your system, it'd probably help my acne issue. Anyway...
This morning I did the salt water "bath." After not having a BM last night with the lax tea, I was waiting to see how today would really go. I had my last "semi solid" BM at 9 am. From that pt on it was like turning on a freakin' hose... not joking. They say that you should wait an hour before going anywhere after the salt bath, and they're right. Though I wasn't in any emergency situation!
I started the lemonade at around 11am during my morning of yard work. It's good, just a bit sweet. I'm really craving solid food now. I'm attempting to post pictures that I took this morning in a bathing suit. Please keep in mind that I have a pic of Facebook of what I look like recently in a swimsuit, and the pics I'm going to post are 120% completely unflattering.

Any encouraging words are more than appreciated!

Day Negative 1

After days of research, talking with others in regard to this stupid thing, I have come to the final conclusion to do.... "THE MASTER CLEANSE" I stopped by the store last night looking for the goods, and to my suprise found the "Grade B" Maple syrup I'm supposed to have. I found the lax tea (which smells like cigarette smoke) and the rest of the concoction. I picked up my little brother at midnight and started the tea then. Slept through the night... NOTHIN'.